Parish Support Fund – Together we can

What is the Parish Support Fund (PSF)?

The PSF resources the cost of clergy and support to each parish in the Diocese of Southwark. has full details including good news stories funded by the PSF.

Where do the resources come from?

Each year parishes in the Diocese of Southwark are invited to make a pledge to the PSF.

What does this mean for St John’s?

This September our PCC will be deciding how much money we can pledge to the PSF which is realistic, challenging and generous.

How much did St John’s pledge last year?

Our pledge to the PSF was £60,000 (£5000 per month). The Diocese of Southwark suggested amount was £80,000. An underpayment of £20,000.

Why did St John’s underpay?

We had significant expenditure due to the Spire repairs and other essential restoration to the stonework of our Church.

How much is our suggested amount this year?

£81,900 (£6825 per month)

How do we ensure that we pay our expected amount to the PSF this year?

Whether you come to St John’s in person, via our streamed services, or visit loved ones in our churchyard, please share in the cost of our ministry and mission. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us just how much we rely on our Church family and our own Rev Lu Gale. Please help us to continue our Ministry at St John’s by committing to a regular financial contribution.

For further details or to confirm your financial support please contact Janet on 07722 240263 / [email protected] or Becky [email protected]

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