Parish Prayer Cycle

St. John the Evangelist, Shirley

Parish Prayer Cycle for each day of the month

1st     Shirley Church Road, Cannons Close, Growing Disciples

2nd     Ardingley Close, Pinewood Close, Those in need of healing

3rd    Spring Park Road, The Vale, The lonely, The Archdeacon

4th     The Glen, Spring Park Avenue, Servers, The Welcomers

5th     West Way Gardens, Hartland Way, Toddler Group

6th     Upper Shirley Road, Tanglewood Close, The homeless

7th     Mill View Gardens, Oaks Lane, Carers, Those training for ministry

8th     Post Mill Close, Sandpits Road, Those who live in fear

9th     Birkdale Gardens, Sprucedale Gardens, Messy Church

10th  Shirley Hills Road, Pine Combe, The hungry, The Emergency Services

11th  Birch Hill, Oaks Road, PCC, Southwark Diocese

12th  The Dene, Badgers Hole, The Choir and Director of Music

13th  Verdayne Avenue, Firsby Avenue, Our link parish St. Martin’s Amaveni Kwekwe in Zimbabwe

14th  Ridgemount Avenue, Wickham Avenue, St. John’s Book Group, Our M.P and Councillors

15th  Wickham Road, Nursery Close, The newly born and their parents

16th  Nursery Avenue, Intercessors, The Bishops, Those who work behind scenes at St. John’s

17th  Barmouth Road, Those who read at Mass, Friday Knights

18th  Cranwell Court, Those with no one to pray for them, Prisoners

19th  Eldon Avenue, Uniformed Organisations, The Mothers’ Union

20th  Barnfield Avenue, St. John’s School, Those who contribute to the life and ministry of St. John’s

21st   Shirley Way, Shirley Methodist Church, The grieving

22nd  Primrose Lane, Churchwardens, The tea room, Those involved in Pastoral Ministry

23rd  Shirley Oaks Road, Hall Grange, Those without faith

24th Shirley Oaks Village, Those preparing for marriage,

25th  Village Way, Readers, The Queen and Government

26th  Shirley Road, Shirley High School, Victims of war and Injustice

27th  Valley Walk, Those who live outside the parish

28th  Shirley Avenue, Those who work in the parish, Parish mission

29th   Orchard Way, Churches Together in Shirley, Flower arrangers

30th  Peregrine Gardens, Clergy, Refugees and asylum seekers

31st   Shirley Oaks Hospital, Trinity School, Those preparing for Baptism, The Area Dean

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