Learning Together

Join Rev Lu at the vicarage to listen to the webinars followed by a discussion. The discussion will last a maximum of 1 hour.

There is a limit of 8 people per session.

See details below:

Inclusive Spaces: Queering Public Space Wed, Jun 8, 1-2pm

Join our expert panel of speakers as they discuss how – by considering diversity at early stages of design and planning – public spaces can become more accessible to marginalised and disempowered groups.

Despite the emergence of queer enclaves in many cities across the world, there is still an urgent need to rethink the development of safe public spaces. The rise in hate crimes in recent years calls for interventions which increase inclusion and acceptance of marginalised groups, not least LGBTQ+ people, and create more welcoming, hospitable environments for all members of these communities. In Queering Public Space, a session run in collaboration between Arup and the University of Westminster.

Theology and Religious Studies Webinars: Debating the Maleness of God 28 Jun 2022 4-4.45pm

Professor Hannah Bacon: Rosemary Radford Ruether and Mary Daly: Debating The Maleness Of God Tue, 28 Jun 2022 4-4.45pm

  • Hannah is Professor in Feminist Theology. She specialises in Christian Thought, especially around sin and salvation and how it intersects with the lives of women.
  • Through conversation with Rosemary Radford Ruether and Mary Daly, Hannah debates whether the maleness of Christ is significant and whether it must necessarily indicate that God is male. She will ask: is it the maleness or the message of Jesus that matters? What significance should we give to his male identity and why is it difficult to dismiss this feature when thinking about how to understand the Christian God? She will consider whether the concern with Jesus’ maleness is mainly a white, middle-class concern and draw on Womanist voices to suggest that the significance of Jesus as Redeemer is found in his liberating praxis, not in his gender

Mental Health 101 Tue, 16 Aug 2022 8-9pm

The brain is an organ in the body that sometimes malfunctions just like other organs such as the kidney or the heart. This class is an intro to mental health. Recovery is possible and often people do not understand this. We will talk about various forms of mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, psychosis, and addiction and when someone should seek help. This class will help decrease apprehension about reaching out to help others or getting help yourself. This class will also share information on resources available here in the community.

Mental Health Coach Event: Avoiding Compassion Fatigue Wed, 14 Sep 2022 6-7pm

Learn how to avoid compassion fatigue and burnout with self-care and other wellness strategies!

The Church in the Endemic: Sustainable Strategies and Practices Sat, September 24, 2022 5-6:30pm

Is your congregation ready to meet the challenges and opportunities of the post-quarantine church? Learn tools, practices, and strategies

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