St John’s Churchyard Trail – QR D

Voice recording for Section D

The raised bed on your left is formed from kerbstones relocated many years ago from grave spaces in the churchyard. The bed contains a pair of Olive trees together with some bold perennial planting. Overhanging the path ahead is a large Deodar Cedar tree originating in the West Himalaya’s where it is known to grow up to 70 m tall. You can spot one of our bird nesting boxes on this tree. Our trail will lead you to the right. Move carefully between the headstones to meet a wild Cherry tree standing alone in the path. As you look to your right you will see the large English oak tree near the churchyard boundary. In springtime this area is filled with a variety of spring bulbs in flower. This north border of the churchyard is planted with Leyland Cypress trees and underplanted with various shrubs including a striking Sumach. The ground is uneven along that boundary, so we continue across the middle of the churchyard following the arrow markers towards a Copper Beech tree and a bench where you may wish to pause.

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