St John’s Churchyard Trail – QR E

Voice recording for Section E

Marker E. 

You have reached centre of the churchyard and the bench under a copper beech tree. The tree in front is a Rowan or Mountain Ash which has beautiful blossom, followed by bright orange berries which the birds love. It was planted a few years ago by the church Youth Group, ‘The Angels and Devils’ during a Creation tide Celebration. Continue along the path to the west until you see the gate to the St John’s School playing field. To the left is a Grade I listed memorial in the form of a Greek Temple and beside it there is another bench where you can pause and note the mix of trees and shrubs around the boundary. This is a favourite bird spotting spot and the feeding station is usually busy with a variety of resident and visiting birds. Behind the bench is a small marker which will point out in the direction the trail takes you.

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