St John’s Churchyard Trail – QR B

Voice recording for Section B

B. You have reached the east end of the church and the St. George’s Chapel. To your left is the stained glass window depicting the Resurrected Christ. Take the path to the right noting the graves of the first Vicar of St John’s, the Reverend Matthew Farrer from 1841 to 1879, and the box tomb of the parents of John Ruskin. Beyond them to the right is the marker stone indicating the site of the first chapel built for St. John’s in 1835.

The path takes you beside a flowering cherry tree and is overhung by a large Whitebeam tree. Continue along this path towards the gate at Spring Park Road, but do not exit. Turn left and follow the path beside the holly hedge and pass through a wrought iron gate to enter “The Garden of Remembrance”

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