Great afternoon with our Chinese students They came to the tea room for homemade cake and earned it by struggling with their English preparing for their maths GCSE’s!! Numbrella helps us all on so many levels…


Joyce is playing numberela in the tea room this Sunday 5th May starting at 3pm. All welcome to come and join in.

Numbrella Club

Just to give you an update on the Numberella club from last Sunday.

We had a great session, four of us played the game and grappled with maths. After so many years we had to really work hard to remember what we had just done!! Ha ha. The game is so good for seniors in so many ways, we laughed a lot and no one wanted to stop when Ros won the game with 500 ant coins!! We started with the 1st level game for 6 to 8 year olds!!

Our next club will be Sunday 5th of May in the Tamberlin room at 3.00pm.

Numbrella has a new home for this week (7th April)

For all you attending the Numbrella extravaganza on Sunday it will be held at Joyce’s house starting at 15:00. If you are not sure where that is give her a call and she will provide guidance.

After this week it will be back at the Tea Room.

Numberella Club

A little maths, a little luck, a lot of fun!!

This game helps the very young with their maths and hopefully older folk in their fight against forgetfulness.

Grandparents, parents and children 6 to 12 and beyond any age group welcome…..

Contact Marnix Wells or Joyce Newberry on 07595835510 for more information. We meet in the Sunday afternoon cafe once a month. Hope to see some of you there!!

Numbrella at the tea room

Numberela is a simple game with some

Simple maths challenges. It’s been proven to help children develop maths skills and also help us older ones more brain active.

Here is Joyce (maths leader), Wendy and Kathering enjoying the game.

Stay tuned for the next date.