Healing Service, tonight at 5pm – online

Please join us for our Service of Healing and Wholeness this evening at 5pm. It’s a gentle and reflective time of prayer, using an Iona Community liturgy, and lasts for around half an hour. A chance to join to pray for God’s healing and blessing for the world, people we know, and ourselves at this present time.

To find the link go to the red Menu bar at the top of this page and press ‘Worship.’ Then press ‘Live Streams.’ The Healing Service will show at the top of the list as the next Service to be streamed.

Virtual Collection

Thanks to Lu and Jackie for this mornings service, here is an opportunity to add to our collection.

Many thanks.

Michael’s Memories

Michael’s Memories”

How lovely it was over the Easter period to hear from Michael Hancock, a former chorister here at St John’s in the 1950’s. Over several emails he shared his memories of the choir, our church and his amateur acting career. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did. [more…]

Sunday Service replay

Hi, For those that missed it here is a replay of our Sunday 10am service

For anyone that is able to make a donation for here is a link to our donation page