Christian Aid 2020

Dear Churches Together Friends

I am sure you will be aware already that Christian Aid Week this year (May 10 -16) will not be able to include any House to House Collections or events, because of the covid-19 restrictions.

But the need for money is as great as ever and we hope you will help us reach as many local people as possible. 

One way to do this is  by emailing all your contacts with the link below (an e-envelope requesting donations and giving information about how to make them), and perhaps putting it on your church web site too?  

I owe Barry, our CTiS Chair, a big thank you for his technical skills in personalising the ‘Christian Aid supplied’ e-envelope for our own use. 

We are asked to encourage non postal donations, as cheques can’t be processed at the moment, and to ask donors to quote the Shirley ref no if they can – OR 277048. 

I am also attaching a letter which can be included in any postal mailings to parishioners/Christian Aid supporters who don’t use email.

if you would like any worship or prayer material for May 10, this is available through links on the Christian Aid web site. 

I hope that between us we can still raise a useful amount of prayer and money from Shirley.  Thank you for your help in doing this.


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