Green Spaces in Croydon by Ken Martin

Croydon Council are carrying out a survey of our green spaces in Croydon removed from the Local Plan in 2018 on how our green spaces are used. Alarmingly by zooming in on the map in the attached link it has St John’s Church on the map, particularly the Memorial Garden.

Also other green spaces such as Shirley Recreation Ground and Millers Pond are mentioned.

The Local Plan is used by the Planning Authority to advise on recommended use, so if removed from the Plan then the Authorities can look to change the use of the green space. Particularly as Central Government are urging Local Council to increase their Housing Stock.

Please take 5 mins to click on the link, then on every green space starred that you use, filling in the survey how you use these spaces and what they mean to you. If we ignore these surveys it is feared Croydon Council will use the information that green spaces are not valued, so leaving them open to redevelopment. The survey closes 15th July

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