What does Resurrection mean to you

At the informal service we looked at resurrection. The exercise was to come up with something for each letter . This was one example

Rays of everlasting Sun

Eternal Life


Unity with the whole creation




Closest Friend

The mighty one is Alive




Have a go yourself!

Thanks to all those that came, you all made it a fantastic experience.

Informal Worship 5th May 2019

Hi, This Sunday (05/05/2019) see’s the 9th Informal worship service take place

Its a great chance to really worship in a free, less structured way.

We will be taking on the topic of “The Resurrection”

Here is a snippet of a few of the featured worship songs for this week.

We do hope to see you at St johns for 5pm.

Informal worship

This week Rev Lu led a discussion, using scripture and art, on Jesus writing in the sand.

Next informal worship is 5th May

Informal Worship 7th April

We have a selection of services this Sunday so there is bound to be one suitable for all.

08:00 Said Mass

10:00 Sung Mass – families welcome

17:00 Informal worship – a more modern service with audience participation (if you want to)

Enjoying the worship

This week some of the songs sang were There is a Redeemer, King of Kings and Shine. We then discussed Psalm 42.

Banana cake, pineapple and scones were enjoyed with our tea and coffee

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